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common-cathode amplifier and DC-coupled cathode-follower
small signal estimate

Simulation options for Bode plot:

Frequency response of cascode SRPP with ECC88/6DJ8:

Pentode EF86 stage:

Main window for editing tube models, displaying 6V6 parameters:

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anode curves

Drawing transconductance, internal resistance and amplification factor of the ECB88 / 6DJ8 at 3 different anode voltages:

transconductance, internal resistance, amplification factor

Single-ended triode 5881 with 250V anode supply, 2500 ohms AC load: power, average anode and screen current, power yield:

Anode voltage and current waveform of an EL84:

AC loadline of a 6550 with 400V supply, supposedly delivering 20W into 3000 ohms load: