Anode curves Ia(Vak,Vgk)

How to use ?

Simply change a tube reference, or the parameter (Vak, Vgk) or a graph dimension to refresh graph. The graph displays either Ia (Vak) with Vgk as parameter (grid curves) or Ia (Vgk) with Vak as parameter (mutual characteristics), after the mathematical model proposed by Norman Koren.

When any of the proposed solvers converges to a satisfactory solution (Vgk ≤ 0), the computed operating point is always located within the area delimited by the curve Ia @ Vgk = 0V, i.e. below and right this very curve.

You may right-click the resulting image to copy it. The curves are limited to the “safe operating area”, i.e. take into account the max anode power and current.