Library of circuits solvers

Single triode circuits

C1 – Basic gain stage
C3 – Fixed-bias
cathode follower
C2 – Self-bias cathodyne
phase inverter
(also cathode follower)
C5 – Fixed-bias cathodyne
phase inverter

Dual triode circuits

C4 – Gain stage
+DC-coupled cathode follower
C6 – Cascode
C8 – Cascode SRPP
C7 – Phase inverter
fixed or cathode bias
C11 – Dual-triode mixer
C12 – Dual-triode mixer
with dissimilar cathode circuits

Circuits available only in PC app

C9 – Dual stage amplifier with level shifting
C10 – Phase inverter: constant-current bias

C13 – Gain stage, constant current bias
C14 – Gain stages with DC level shifting
C15 – Differential phase inverter, long-tail pair, cathode bias
C16 – Serial voltage regulator
C17 – Basic serial voltage regulator
C18 – Shunt voltage regulator